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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Blue Ribbon to Blue Ribbon

Yesterday, my co-workers and I decided to try a new sushi spot for lunch.  Well, it wouldn't be considered new to anyone other than us who have consistently eaten at the same sushi place for quite some time.  Our office is so close to Blue Ribbon that it's a shame we haven't tried it sooner.

The high price tag was a deterrent, but I can now say that sometimes it's worth it.  I ordered the sashimi because I feel it's the best way to get an idea of the fish quality.  No bells and whistles.  No tempura or spicy mayo to camouflage what may not be the best fish.  It was great.  I even loved the salmon, which is not usually my first choice when I go for sushi.  I now believe that every once in a while it's nice to splurge because this blew my usual sashimi platter out of the water.

We ordered a couple appetizers like shumai and edamame, but the best app was the black cod.  Miso had soaked into the crispy top and the flesh melted in my mouth.  The price was a tad prohibitive so we didn't order everything on the menu like we would have at our other go-to sushi place, but it was worth it to me to eat a little less to get so much more in quality.  Not a place to go every day, but I'm glad we could sneak Blue Ribbon into our lunch schedule this week.

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