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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Class is in Session

"You're alone?  It's just you?  Hmm ooh ahh I don't know what to do..."

That was the response I got when I checked in at my beer and cheese pairing class at Murray's on Thursday evening.  How dare I try to better myself with an interesting class without a buddy in tow?!  I should have walked in with a sticker on my forhead that read "Newly Single."  Let me explain that you must pre-register for this class so they knew I was coming even if I wasn't part of one of the bigger groups in attendance.  It finally dawned on them that they could seat me between a group and a couple so I shrugged it off, sat down, and got ready to sample some brews and cheese.

The class was taught by a hippy and a hipster so there was a fun, laid-back atmosphere.  Before this class, I didn't know much about beer so I was a blank slate, ready for the brewmaster (the hippy)'s tutelage.  Not only do I now know what types of beers I like best, I can taste it like a proper beer snob and match it with cheese.  The class was very well organized and came with a course packet that I used to take notes of my faves for future reference.

I fell in love with some new beers and cheeses.  I also fell in love with this form of higher education.  I may have been the only one who came alone, but that didn't make the beer or cheese taste any less delicious.  They have classes for all sorts of cheese pairing (wine, sherry, etc) that are taught by experts in their respective fields.  In this case, I learned all about beer from the head brewmaster from Chicago-based Goose Island Brewery.

Like the assiduous student I am, I finished all my beers and cheeses.  A big thanks goes out to my Mommy who treated me to this great class because she knew it would be the perfect way to brighten my spirits.  I highly recommend a Murray's class to just about anyone.  Unless you don't like which case, we're probably not friends.

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