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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Tres at Dos Tacos

I was in the Union Square area for a UGA Alumni board meeting last night, so I decided to grab dinner from Dos Toros on my way home.  With the crazy long line, I knew there had to be something good about the food.

The menu is small.  Basically you choose your meat (pork, chicken, or steak) and your style (burrito, quesadilla, or taco).  I didn't know which way to go in the way of meat, so I tried all three in taco form.  I got the medium heat sauce on all three, sour cream on one, and guac on two of them.  They also already come with cheese and pico.

The tortilla is small, but I was amazed at their ability to stuff it full of so much meat.  My favorite was the carnitas (pork), but they were all satisfying.  There was almost too much guac. (I honestly can't believe I just typed that.)  I recommend ordering it on one taco and then split the supply between all of them.  You don't want it to overtake the meat.  They were good but not the best I've ever had (surprising considering the line).  However, at just over $3.50 a pop, they'll work.

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