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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Gleecap: Diva-meter - 11/23/10 Episode

Last week's Gwyneth Paltrow episode may not have been my fave, but I think the show was close to redeemed this week with the Glee Wedding.  The song's all fit with the plot and we got a few good one liners.  I just wish there was one additional song, but you can't win 'em all.  And now for the Diva-meter!

  • Kurt [after Finn raises concerns that releasing 50 doves in the auditorium will be messy]: "That's why we feed them glitter, Finn."  +1 because that's problem solving at its best.
  • One of Sue's interests on her e-dating profile is tantric yelling.  +1 for this new oxymoron.
  • I didn't mention this in the last 2 recaps, but I am compelled to bring it up now.  It can not go unnoticed that Kurt has a picture of Blaine in his locker with a "courage" collage.  -2 because that's just weird and stalker-ish.
  • I would have picked porcelain for my nickname, too.  +1.
  • I started to get a little choked up when everyone is walking down the aisle. +1 for old people dancing.
  • Is Artie waving a Ribbon Dancer?  +1
  • Kurt should never have allowed his parents to give up all their savings and honeymoon money so he can go to Dalton Academy.  Though it's diva behavior, -2 because it's too selfish for my taste.
Total --> 0.  So this week's episode was just even in the diva department and I'm going to make it the diva equivalent of Alicia Keys.  She doesn't exhibit any absurd diva behavior, but you can't deny there's real talent there.

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