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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Awoooga Tortuga's

The Thunderbolt area of Savannah is, by definition, laid-back.  We usually take our boat there for some casual seafood in places where shirt and shoes are required, but not much else.  Like me, my Grandma doesn't need anything fancy, so I decided to take her there for some one-on-one time at Tortuga's. 

Tortuga's specializes in Carribean fare, but it's more like Carribean/Southern fusion.  My Grandma had the shrimp panini (filled with mozzerella cheese and a sundried tomato pesto) and I had the Puerto Rican fish and eggs.  Here's where the fusion comes in.  My jerk salmon and sweet plantains were sitting on a plate next to some AMAZING grits and a huge Southern biscuit.  I usually only eat cheese grits, but these grits were cheese-free and I couldn't get enough of them.  I didn't even need the eggs after all that food, but it was nice to have them. 

In Savannah, there are plenty of lunch places and enough breakfast places, but we are a little short on places to brunch.  Tortuga's is the perfect solution.  If you have only ever been there for lunch/dinner, don't overlook Sunday brunch where they offer the perfect mix of breakfast and lunch food.  Plus, you get to stare at the river while you eat without going all the way downtown.

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