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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Unanswered Questions: Gossip Girl Recap - 11/16/10 Episode

TV still broken and had computer playback problems so I'm just now getting to the recaps.  Without further ado...

  • Serena actually knows what a Venn diagram is? 
  • Do university Deans actually hold parent teacher conferences like this?  And would they really turn down Lily's offer to donate a building?  
  • Does it seem that Blair has a moral problem with Big Love style polygamy or is it that she's more disappointed at the sexist nature of only men being allowed to have multiple spouses and she can't participate?
  • Did the costume people take note that Jenny looked so much better in Serena's hair and make-up? 
  • Is everyone making out at the Saints and Sinners party?  Aren't these supposed to be the classy people of New York?  It looks like the middle of the dance floor at a fraternity band party in there.
  • Why are Dan and Nate so happy to treat Serena like the Park Place property of Monopoly?  It doesn't seem like either cares if they win or lose; they just want to play the game, which is kind of gross considering the game is a person.
My heart melted at Chuck's romantic "I love you" speech and the cliffhanger was juicy enough to get me counting down the day's til Monday's new episode.

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