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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Unanswered Questions: Gossip Girl Recap - 11/1/10 Episode

Ok so I know I'm a week late recapping last week's episode, and I haven't even watched last night's ep (gasp!), but my tv has been broken so I'm adjusting.  It's a little late, but the recap is here, and I'll be more timely with this week's recap.  The fact that I've had a full week to think about it only means there are extra unanswered questions rolling around in my head:
  • How do Nate and Serena know to invite a stenographer to the contract signing?  I'm pretty sure neither of them even know how to spell or define stenographer.  
  • There were too many celebrities at Blair's birthday and not enough friends.  Wouldn't a real 20 year old care more about getting wasted than having the Dean in attendance?  And really, would the dean ever come to something like this?
  • Did Blair have all her guests color coordinate?  Even Chuck, with his crazy boutonniere, matched the Autumn color scheme.
  • Why was Blair more worried about that video getting out than she was about everyone learning how she lost her v card?
  • Didn't Blair's Mom just go to her room a few feet away?  It's a big apartment but not so big that you can have loud, top-of-piano sex without getting caught.
  • Who thinks there is a better name for Jenny than Blair's aptly coined "gothic Barbie"?  Not this recapper.
  • How in the world does Gossip Girl have a tracker on Serena that places her on Google Maps as she walks?  This is completely out of the realm of possibility. 
  • Is it just me or does Eric seem to be morphing into Dan?  His hair is getting darker and the shirts are getting plaid-er.  One Dan Humphrey is plenty; Eric should focus on being the group's token gay.
Hopefully, this recap, though late, is satisfying.  Next time, I'll report a little faster.

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