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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Gleecap: Diva-meter - 11/9/10 Episode

Loved this episode.  I found the Rocky Horror episode a tad pointless, but it looks like they took a week off and came back with a great show.  Let's get right down to business:

  • Quinn goes to Sue for advice?  -1 for two reasons: 1) Quinn would never trust Sue after getting kicked off of the Cheerios last year and 2) she was specifically looking for boy advice...not Sue's area of expertise
  • Puck and Artie go on a double date at "The Stix" (aka Breadstix).  +1 because it reminds me of my high school days when we called our fave Mexican restaurant, Jalapeno's, by the endearing nickname "Jalops" (and yes, we actually pronounced the J).  *sigh* memories.
  • Quinn argues that becoming Prom King and Queen will feel even better than "a little somethin' somethin".  -1 because I'm pretty sure every high school boy would disagree.
  • Sue says the Glee kids sing about "that nonsense about how awesome it is to be alive or ugly or whatever the point is you guys are always trying to make".  +1 because...yea, that's pretty much spot on.
  • -1 for Mr. Shue kissing Bieste.  She's talking about a kiss being the doorway to hope and a future and he plants one on her with absolutely no intention of following through.  Did he just give her false hope?  A pro-bono kiss is not the way to do your charity work...unless you're a prostitute.
  • +1 to Kurt's reaction to the locker room kiss.  He didn't forget that the football player has been making his life hell for years just because he got his first kiss.
  • Song review:
    • "One Love": not bad, good harmonies, but not the most special performance of the episode.  No points added or subtracted.
    • "Teenage Dream": Incredible.  +2 for the fact that it was a capella.  Not every glee club is magically followed everywhere by a full jazz band like our McKinley High friends.  An additional +1 because all those Dalton boys were impossibly good looking.
    • Mashups: The girls' "Start Me Up/Livin on a Prayer" combo was better than their "Halo/Walkin on Sunshine" number from Season 1.  The girls rocked it.  They looked badass and sounded like it, too.  The guys did just as great with their "Stop! In the Name of Love/Free Your Mind" mashup.  +3 because both groups combined the songs perfectly and I simply can't choose which I liked better.
Total --> 6: This episode is the diva equivalent of Pat Benatar.  Not a diva in the traditional sense, but she can still do whatever she wants because she's a badass and that's kind of how I felt about all the songs in this episode.  True, "One Love" is not rock and roll, but Puck certainly is.  The all boys school then somehow managed to make glee the most badass group at school and everyone came together for some serious mashups.  Now that I've said the word badass way more than should be alotted to any recap, it's time for me to sign off!

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