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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Gold Star to Starland

One restaurant in Savannah has continued to elude me.  For the two or so years it has been open, I have heard all my family and friends talk about Starland Cafe (with location #2 under different name in the Telfair museum).  Lamentably, every time I have tried to go either the line has been too long or it was randomly closed.  Finally, I made it on Wednesday and it was as good as I had heard.  I started with a cup of the tomato thai soup, which is made with squash, spices, and coconut milk.  The flavor was not overly Thai, but the spices made it more exciting than a regular tomato basil soup.  I followed that with my huge panini.  Usually, I don't consider it a meal without some sort of meat, but I didn't even miss it in my greek asparagus panini.  It was stuffed with asparagus, hummus, feta, pesto, artichokes, onion, fire roasted tomato, and creamy herb spread.  It was by far the best sandwich I have had in months.

The cafe is in an old townhouse that has been painted in all sorts of bright and cheerful colors.  The full structure of the house has remained in tact, which makes for a laid back meal.  We were eating in the "living room" and it felt just like we were in a friends house.  Sandwiches and salads may not sound exciting, but these have some pizazz so I would make sure you stop by.

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