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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Movie Review x2: Get Him to the Greek AND Life as We Know It

Get Him to the Greek
Last night's Netflix was better than expected.  It didn't look like it would have much meat, but within the first few minutes, it became clear that this was from the same guys behind I Love You, Man and Forgetting Sarah Marshall.  P. Diddy is turning into something of an actor.  A real actor.  I mean, the guy was good - probably the best part of the movie.  I still don't think he's been around long enough to have won the honor of being the focus of the "Inside the Actor's Studio" episode I recently watched, but there is big potential there.

Life as We Know It
Today on my day off, I decided to pop into a matinee.  It was gross and rainy literally all day, so a chick flick was practically mandatory.  Once again, this film exceeded my expectations.  It fulfilled all rainy day girly requirements: funny, sad, and romantic all rolled into one.

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