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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Movie Review: The Social Network

Raychel and I decided to walk home from work together on Friday night and along our way we figured, "Why not stop for a bite and a movie?"  After consulting Raychel's Blackberry for movie times, that's precisely what we did.  After a glass of wine and a cheese plate at Academia di Vino, we went to the theater to see The Social Network to learn all about how Facebook came to be.

The movie was great.  True, it does not paint Mark Zuckerberg in the best light, but it was cool to see the picture at all.  It is unbelievable to realize that Mark Zuckerberg and I were in college at the same time, but while I was doing goodness knows what at UGA, he was drunkenly creating the greatest social media site of all time.  The impact Facebook has had on all our lives after only being in existence about 7 years is incredible.  The fact that it was so easy, even more so.  The cutthroat piece of it (Did he steal the idea?  Is he that nerdy and still that mean?) just ads a nice little zip.

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