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Sunday, November 14, 2010

BYO in 'Boken

As sad as I am that Steph no longer lives a short trip on the 6 away, her new Hoboken home gives us a good reason to hold a monthly girls night, last night being installment number one.  Steph greeted Marcy and I at her apartment with a plate of cheese and crackers and cocktails ready to go.  She moves to Jerz and gets all domesticated on us!  She even told us she made brussels sprouts last week - we're talkin' about a new woman!  After drinks, we headed to Robongi for some sushi, one of Hoboken's many BYOB restaurants.

Robongi looks like a seafood restaurant but more like the fried seafood kinda restaurant with fish nets on the walls and plastic fish jumping out all over the place - not the typical bamboo decor often seen in sushi restaurants.  The sushi was fresh enough (not the best ever, but still tasty) but the cheap price and BYOB made it a huge hit.

After dinner we headed to one of the bajillion bars lining Washington Street.  After one drink, however, we realized we were way too tired to stay out any longer so we said goodbye to the new friends we met at the bar (who Steph has decided will go by the names Brutus and Brutus Jr.) and headed back to the apartment for a sleepover.  I thought it must have been super late, but apparently we were passed out by midnight considering we each consumed two drinks and bottle of wine.  Next month, we'll try to stay out a little later but no promises.

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