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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Unanswered Questions: Gossip Girl Recap - 11/29/10 Episode

I was terribly worried when I thought they skipped the annual Thanksgiving episode.  It just wouldn't be Thanksgiving without the obligatory annual mention of Blair's old "problem".  Onto the questionable bits of the episode:

  • Was that sarcasm I just heard from Dorota?  Somebody grew some cojones!  I was rather shocked when I heard her say "yes, I want you to freeze" to Blair.
  • When there were two other girls involved in her scheme, did Juliet really think she could get away with the drugging/kidnapping part of her plan?  You're not dealing with amateurs, honey.
  • Who is that girl in the last scene at the Ostroff Center?  Is that Serena?  I didn't recognize her in that baggy sweater and full pair of pants.  I don't think we've ever seen her this covered up.  
  • Seriously, how many times is Jenny going to flee to Hudson before any of the lessons stick?  After reading a post on, I think this time it's the real deal since she has apparently been put on "indefinite hiatus" from the show.
  • Juiliet, if you're going to skip town, why would you get rid of everything in your apartment except the two bags of evidence (ie: mask)?
  • The convicted felon thinks Juliet crossed the line?  His orange jumpsuit makes me think he wouldn't really care how far Juliet took things.
  • Did anyone care about Nate's mini plotline where he's trying to get his parents back together?  Didn't think so.
And that about wraps it up!  Looks like next week will be a juicy revenge-filled episodek - can't wait!

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