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Monday, November 8, 2010

Surprise Sunday Supper

After all the marathon mayhem, I was planning to be lazy last night.  But then I got a text from Andrew that he was planning to cook and had extra food and invited Dan (who is visiting from LA) and I over to help him eat it.  What a nice surprise!  Not only was it nice to have somewhere to go on Sunday night, but I know that Andrew knows his way around the kitchen, so I had a feeling I was in for a good meal.

Andrew had cooked sticky rice with black sesame seeds, snow peas in an peanut sauce, and grilled red snapper in a chile sauce.  My Mommy taught me to never arrive empty handed, so we brought a bottle of wine and some dumplings from a nearby restaurant since Andrew had told us the menu would have a Thai theme.  When fish is presented whole - head, tail, and all - I am impressed.  Very restaurant quality.  The food was incredible and much better than the leftovers that typically make up my Sunday meals, which makes me grateful to have received an invite.  I'll be replicating most of this meal in my own apartment, especially the snow peas because I was eating them like potato chips.  All I can say to Andrew is wow.

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