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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Keep on Truckin'

The night before Thanksgiving is usually a crazy night.  Everyone comes back in town and a debauchery-filled, unofficial high school reunion ensues.  While I had prepared myself for this evening, all of my friends decided not to get back in town til it was too late to go out.  Don't you worry, readers.  I got plenty of partying in when all former Country Day students decided to take downtown Savannah by storm on Friday night.  Yes, this was the night right before my 5:30 AM Saturday flight.  And yes, I was convinced it would be imprudent to miss out on the fun just because of a silly flight so I joined in, got an hour and a half of sleep, and can attest it was worth every missing wink.  But back to Wednesday night...

Even though we were not going out, we made sure the evening wasn't a total waste by trying Savannah's hot new restaurant, Green Truck.  Green Truck is not actually green, but the entire restaurant is probably the size of an F150.  The size is slightly problematic because it means ::gasp:: a nice line forms outside.  In New York, we're very familiar with waiting in line for a table, but that is just not done in Savannah.  Typically there aren't enough people to form a line.  We were in luck because the people in front of us grew tired of waiting and left, moving us up in line.  I'm glad we stuck it out because the burgers were great.  Allison and I shared one topped with goat cheese and sauteed onions (The Rustica) and then split the salad version of The Jefe, which had avocado, black beans, cheese, and a light but flavorful dressing.

The best part of the meal was definitely the appetizer of pimento cheese.  I love love love this Southern specialty and their home-made version was sharp and delicious.  It came with house-made pickles that were sweet and spicy.  Mark loved the pimento cheese so much, he ordered it on his burger.  Burgers are nothing without beer and Green Truck has a great selection at low prices.

My Grandmas tried to go last weekend but were deterred by the line.  Don't be discouraged, fair readers!  Just go around 8:30 (a little late by Savannah standards) and you should be good to go.

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