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Friday, July 9, 2010

A Doozie of a Deal

New Yorkers, it's time for y'all to to give a collective "thank you" to the deal gods because Scoutmob just launched in NYC yesterday!!! 

What's Scoutmob and why should I be excited, you ask?  Basically, it's a coupon site (a deal a day) with all the deals being hyperlocal.  It's similar to Groupon, which I have blogged about before, but my humble opinion is that this is way better.  On Groupon, you pay to play - for example, you pay $25 to get a coupon worth $50.  On Scoutmob, you just get the  Are you picking up what I'm throwing down?!  I said FREE!

Another great thing about Scoutmob is that once you click on the deal it goes straight to your phone so you just need to show the text or email to the friendly waitress or cashier when you want to redeem your deal.  You never need to print anything out from your computer, which is highly convenient because I never go anywhere without my phone, but I'm not usually seen bopping around town with my laptop and printer.  Ain't technology grand?!

I've already gotten my first coupon - 50% off at Hill Country.  I'm gonna go NUTS on the sides.  I love the greenbean casserole, mac and cheese, and sweet potato bourbon mash.  That's another point for Scoutmob - the deals are all for places locals love to go.  And if you peruse the site, they have all sorts of local info in the Scoutfinds section where they showcase local artists, pics, hotspots, etc.

If you're reading this from the ATL, I hate you because you've been able to use Scoutmob for quite some time now.  I'm jealous that you've been wheeling and dealing way longer than I have.  If you live outside of Atlanta or NYC...tough noogies for now, but it looks like they have plans to expand.  I'm also not happy with you iPhone users because you get the snappy Scoutmob app.  I hear they're developing one for Blackberries and Androids soon, so I'm holding my breath.

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  1. Thanks for the post Tess! So far, your fellow New Yorkers have been awesome mobsters. Let me know when you use the Hill Country deal. I'll be jealous.



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