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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Happy Birthday 'Merica

What a fabulous long weekend I just had!  I now plan to give you the full play-by-play so you can be insanely jealous.  Let's begin.

Dave and I landed in Savannah just before midnight and were welcomed by my loving parents who were cool enough to drive us through Krystal on the way home.  Three cheese Krystals later, I was in a great mood and falling asleep in my old twin size bed.  We woke up on Friday ready to go and ran a couple errands before lunch at Smoke Station for some juicy pulled pork.  I ordered mine with brunswick stew and fried okra on the side.  The stew was good but a little watery and the okra was legit.  It was nice to be reminded what real BBQ is like.

Friday night we went to what is probably my favorite place in Savannah, Bonna Bella Yacht Club.  Bonna Bella started life as a marina around the riverbend from my house.  We were patrons then, and we are certainly patrons now.  It's close by automobile but even closer by boat, so we made the 2 minute trip down the river for dinner.  I started the meal in the best way possible: with a really good drink.  The bartender mixed up a Bloody Pirate, which is a bloody mary made with horseradish infused vodka and an Old Bay rim.  While we were waiting at the bar, the manager walked around with a Super Soaker filled with whipped cream infused vodka.  I'm going to remember that for my next party - it was a crowd pleaser.  We had the crab, black bean, and corn fritters for an app, which were basically hush puppies but better.  For the entrees, all the boys ordered jambalaya and all the girls ordered fish tacos, each with a different sauce.  All the food was delicious, but I would have licked my lips over cardboard in that setting.  They have corn hole and ring toss set up, two bars, and fabulous seats on the river so you can enjoy the food while watching the sunset.

It's hard to believe you can top that, but we certainly tried.  On Saturday, while the boys were playing golf, I did some damage at the Polo outlet and headed to the Hilton Head house for lunch and a few hours around the pool.  Did you know deviled eggs are a Southern thing?  I didn't, but apparently they are because Dave had no idea what he was looking at.  Rather than explaining, I ate about 2 dozen with a side of my Aunt Sally's gazpacho.  We headed back with just enough time to shower and get ready for dinner at the new hot restaurant, ele.  Were we in LA or Savannah?  I couldn't really tell when we handed our keys to the valet in front of the swanky new fusion restaurant.  Dave and I split the ele roll as an appetizer, which was filled with salmon, tuna, white fish, grouper, yellow tail, crab, scallions, cream cheese, and asparagus.  It was a perfect roll.  Mark and Allison also shared a sushi roll for their app and we did a little trade.  Theirs was good, but ours was better.  Ha.  Point 1 for Tess and Dave.  My parents shared a dungeness and blue crab salad that looked great.  I'll bet it tasted great, too.  Unfortunately, we'll never know since they inhaled it before we had the chance to taste.  Daddy realized no one else tried it, so he offered up a bite, but we opted against the remaining piece of cucumber skin.  I suppose that's a good sign.  All the entrees looked tasty, but I was mostly concerned with mine.  I ordered two appetizers as my main course, the fresh rolls and the lobster soup with curry and coconut.  Both were good, but the soup was large and very rich.  By the end of dinner, I was nearly comatose after a day in the sun and an evening full of discussion of [now former] UGA Athletic Director Damon Evans' DUI indiscretion.  Tip to future Athletic Director: if you're the guy who does a "Don't drink and drive" PSA at the end of every football game, don't get caught behind the wheel, wasted and clutching the red panties of a girl who is not your wife.

I woke up the next morning ready for some serious 4th of July pool and boat time.  Mission accomplished.  We grilled out for dinner and then Dave and I went with Mark and Allison and a few of their friends to watch the fireworks from the top of City Hall.  You didn't know I was such a VIP?  Well take note.  We had an amazing view of the show and felt pretty bad-ass to boot.  Before we left, we made sure to take a sharpee and sign the wall of the dome alongside our predecessors in 1906.  After the fireworks we headed to Rocks on the Roof, the bar in the Bohemian hotel that may just be Savannah's hippest spot.  It was there that I was reminded how cheap alcohol is when you don't live in a big city.  I miss $3.50 beers.

Monday was more boating as we took Dave to Tubby's Tank House for some fried seafood and then to River Street and City Market to show him the sights.  I knew I had to bring a little treat back, so I bought a bag of taffy from River Street Sweets, which my mischievous dog promptly ate the moment I turned my head.  We grilled out again on Monday night (fish and steak tacos) with a cheese plate and watermelon-feta skewers for apps.  We capped off the night by watching Hot Tub Time Machine, which I am surprised to say was much better than I would have guessed.  I can't believe I'm about to recommend it, but here I go - rent it, you just might like it.

Tuesday was a little gloomy because I knew I would be on the plane back to the city before the day's end.  I made sure to get in another good restaurant so we went Rancho Alegre for a Cuban lunch.  I think I was 15 when this place opened and 10 years later, I still order the exact same thing every time, the ropa vieja.  The meat is simmering in spices next to a pile of black beans and rice and the most amazing sweet plantains.  We chilled for a couple hours and then stopped by Chick-fil-A before a tearful goodbye at the airport.

I'm happy to be back in NYC, but I'm definitely missing Savannah.  But admit it, if you had a weekend like that, you'd be pretty sad to leave, too.  America, I think we celebrated your b-day with style.

My signature in city hall
A refreshing, summery app

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  1. thought i had recovered from the insanely busy weekend, but then i read your blog & feeling exhausted all over again! what a time we all had ~ watch out independance day 2011!!!



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