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Monday, July 12, 2010

In the Red

I had a wild night on Friday night - very rare for me, which meant I woke up on Saturday morning remembering why I usually leave going out to Saturday nights.  We were meeting friends in the East Village so we chose KGB Bar as a meeting spot after seeing it was a Critic's Pick on

After reading the rave reviews, I expected greatness but was a little let down.  It just seemed a little sketchy with no one inside the bar save for a few of the costumed performers from the theater downstairs.  However, I now realize that we were there at 9 PM, post-happy hour (though it doesn't strike me as a happy hour spot) and pre-going out.  This is why I now conclude it is really weird to go to a bar before 10 or 10:30.  Otherwise, you just feel like a loser.

I would like to check out the bar late night, though.  The 2nd floor dive is communist themed and everything is red.  Under the right circumstances, it could be a cool place.

Once everyone arrived at the bar, we headed to Mayahuel for dinner and more drinks.  We ordered a ton of dishes and my pork belly was as good as I remembered.  I also had a bite of the hanger steak and thought it was great.  Tender and served with a sweet plantain mash, I may actually order it next time over the pork belly.  Coincidentally, everything in Mayahuel is also red...except the politics.

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