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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Cheftestant Showdown: Top Chef Recap, 6/30 Episode

Last night's episode saw the demise of Tracey who, as a self-proclaimed clairvoyant, shoulda seen it coming.  The chefs were practically shaking when Padma told them they had to make desserts, which was less about the cheftestants, more about promoting the new "Top Chef: Just Desserts" spinoff.  "But I'm not a pastry chef," Amanda whined.  To which the guest judge responded by basically calling her an idiot because even his grandma can make a pie.  I guess Arnold's theory that pastry chefs live in a magical world with unicorns is off-base.  Maybe he's been taking all the drugs Amanda did in her 20s (did anyone else find that to be a really random time to bring that up?). 

Then it was off to the park for a picnic where Alex would like to "take advantage of an intern" Lewinsky style.  It's not the mile high club.  That's not an item to cross off your list if you're not in politics.  For a more detailed account of the episode and to see which chefs are rising to the top, keep reading.
  • Arnold: 
    • Innovation: 3
    • Drool Factor: 5 - Probably the best looking dish I saw.  It's also nice to have a chilled soup on a hot day - good thinking.
    • Chef Likeability: 3 - In episode 1, we learned he prepped for the show by getting a stylist and a facial. Now we learned he doesn't grill because it clogs his pores.  We get it; you're gay.  But you don't need to keep pointing it out; the cat's outta the bag.  That said, he was far less annoying this episode than before.
  • Angelo:
    • Innovation: 4 - I'm intrigued by "smokey" egg salad and lettuce wraps are an unconventional picnic choice
    • Drool Factor: 4 - High score when you combine his elimination challenge dish and his quickfire pie
    • Chef Likeability: 2 - This is a big step up for Angelo who never eclipses 1 in this category, but he was all magnanimous while extoling Amanda's ribs so I figured I'd throw him a bone.
  • Amanda:
    • Innovation: 2
    • Drool Factor: 2 - Accoding to the judges, her asparagus was simply to die for...but I could make that at home.  Over it.
    • Chef Likeability: 2 - I don't like her use of "prison rules"
  • Kenny:
    • Innovation: 3 - Pie was unique, picnic was just ok
    • Drool Factor: 4 - All points go to the pie here.  I love bananas foster.  Love currents.  That pie was BANANAS.  Very glad he finally got a much deserves win.
    • Chef Likeability: 5 - All points here are due to the fact that his girlfriend goes by the name JUICY.
Looks like Kenny wins this round with Arnold (surprisingly) pulling up in a close second.  Until next week...

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