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Monday, July 26, 2010

A Bit of Bubbly

I almost forgot to blog about a cute little bar we went to on Friday night after the comedy show and dinner!  That would have been a little sad because it was a good little find.  With Susan's direction, we left the West Village and took the E to TriBeCa to check out Bubble Lounge.  As the name implies, Bubble Lounge is alllll about champagne.  From the menu to the artwork, there was bubbly everywhere I turned.  Champagne is great, but it tastes much better when it's served with dessert, and Bubble Lounge recognizes this fact.

We tried the fondue which came with homemade marshmallows (a revelation compared to powdery, bagged mallows I buy at the grocery store), strawberries, chocolate, caramel, and a cookie.  The cookies can be ordered rare, medium, or well done.  We chose rare, of course.  Based on the waitress' recommendation, we also ordered the frozen tiramisu canolis, which were good but very rich.

Between the dessert, champagne, and comfy couches, Bubble Lounge is a nice, low-key, after-dinner spot.  It's been a while since I've been on a first date, but I'm sure gals still love chocolate and champagne so this may be a good place to keep in mind, boys.

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