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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Joe Shmoe

Trader Joe's is a truly amazing place and now that there is a 2nd Manhattan location, New Yorkers are collectively a much happier people.  Since I, too, want to be happy, I checked out the new locale as my Monday night after-work activity (what a thrilling life I lead, I know).  The new store is huge with gorgeous, wide aisles and a large selection of items with very low price tags.  It's amazing how, after three years in New York City, I have become a person who is most turned on by wide aisle space in a grocery store.  What's next?  Will I start elbowing people on the street when they walk too slow like a real New Yorker?

And not for nothing, but the service at the new Trader Joe's was spectacular!  "Are you finding everything you need?"  "Is this your first time here?  "Do you need someone to take your buggy outside?"  I'm pretty sure they would have walked my bags onto the subway platform if I allowed them.  The produce looked great, but I focused my shop on the frozen food because I feel that's what makes Trader Joe's really unique.  I stocked my freezer with all sorts of yumminess.  On Tuesday night I cooked up a plate of chicken with tomatoes, wild mushroom risotto, and white and green cauliflower in garlic butter and herbs.  Every ounce of the meal came from the frozen food section but you'd never guess it.  Now, if we could just get the Trader Joe's folks to build a location in the UES...

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