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Monday, July 26, 2010

Brunch in the 'Burg

I was sad my big brother was leaving on Sunday, but we had to squeeze in one more meal before he left, so we met up in Williamsburg for brunch at Le Barricou for some French bistro fare.  The first thing I liked were the fresh croissants on the table.  Way to go, Le Barricou; you had me at hello.

Allison and I shared the cucumber yogurt soup to cool us off.  It was more cucumber than yogurt and the fresh herbs popped.  Cucumber is one of my favorite flavors, which is weird because it's not much of a flavor.  Oh well, I love it.  For my main course, I ordered the merguez and eggs because I love that spicy lamb sausage and it's not easy to find at restaurants.  The merguez came with frites, a small salad, and sunny side up eggs.  I made a little switcharoo because I was feelin poached eggs.  I was very satisfied with my brunch and I believe Matt and Allison enjoyed their croque madames because they looked yummy (pictured below).  You know what else looked yummy?  The pancakes.  A girl at the table next to us ordered them.  Our mouths dropped when we saw the waiter place two one-inch thick cakes in front of her.  I wanted to take a picture but decided that was rude.

The best part of brunch actually occurred when we were walking back to Matt and Jen's apartment after the meal was over.  We passed a shuttered deli that had a fabulous name: Lady Octopus.  Even better was their slogan.  The awning read "good food = happy customer".  I couldn't agree more.  Though I don't think the Lady made such good food since it's now closed.

Alas, the time finally came for Mark to go to the airport, and we were stuck in the apartment waiting out the rain.  Thankfully, we had entertainment.  Lola the Puggle regaled us with her dramatic interpretation of Zagat's.  Matt was a talented ventriloquist, but Lola really stole the show.  In fact, she gave me some good ideas about where we should eat next.

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