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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Gleecap: Diva-meter - 10/5 Episode

Praise Cheesus!  It was so refreshing to see this show return to its core.  No more imposed songs all by the same singer (sorry, Britney) and more of the quirk I love so much.  Bravo, Glee writers for tackling one of the more controversial subjects out there - how risque!

  • When Kurt is telling his Dad he would rather go to the Sound of Music sing-along over Friday Night Dinner, his excuse is "but I'm a teenager; Friday nights are kinda important to me."  -1 because no teenager ever refers to himself as a teenager.  By the time they're 16 they already think they're full-on adults.  
  • Kurt references Suzanne Sommers' belief that skipping breakfast is suicide.  +1 because I just know that means he also owns a Thigh Master, and I can just picture him using it.
  • Rachel singing "Papa Can You Hear Me?": +4.  Hard to find a better fit for the occasion.
  • Kurt singing "I Wanna Hold Your Hand" earns +3 because I couldn't have imagined a version of this song that wasn't happy-go-lucky, but he nailed it.  Also liked the relevance of the song to John Lennon's would-be 70th birthday this week. 
  • Rachel's boom box is bedazzled: +1
  • The baby Kurt montage was a little cheesy, but that child was a dead ringer.  +1 to the casting director.
  • Mercedes addresses the congregation by saying, "Hi, Church": -1
  • -2 for Finn eating Grilled Cheesus at the end of the episode.  That sandwich would have been disgusting after a week of sitting in the football locker room.

Total --> 6.  This Glee episode is the Diva equivalent of Bette Midler.  Why?  Because this episode was all Kurt and the gays love Bathhouse Betty and she, too, handles her [Jewish] religion in an unconventional manner.

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