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Monday, October 4, 2010

Pistou and Pasta

I spent all day today by myself.  It was weird but not awful.  It was well past time for me to check out the new UES Shake Shack so I had a little lunchy on my own.  Wonderful as always, though I would have preferred better company than my magazine.

After that indulgent lunch, I needed to tone it down a bit for dinner.  Last night's amazing meal inspired me to try out some new, lighter Italian recipes.  I needed more of that fresh pasta (really, it was like a "must have now" sort of thing) so I headed to Eataly to pick some up.  Eventually, the following meal came together:

  • Prosciutto and cheese ravioli - I topped it with a homemade zucchini pistou (zucchini, walnuts, basil, garlic, and parmesan blended into a pesto-type sauce)
  • Brussels sprouts with shallots and oyster mushrooms in red wine
  • Prosciutto-wrapped swordfish
I had to give myself a nice pat on the back for this meal.  I'm also happy that I have so much of the pistou leftover because I'll be putting it on everything.

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