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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Gleecap: Diva-meter - 10/26 Episode

Rocky Horror Picture Show is one of my favorite Halloween traditions.  Unfortunately, I don't think it made for the most diva of all Glee episodes, but there were still some great bits so let's get into this week's recap:

  • Why is Mr. Shue always eating cookies he brought from home in the break room?  No grown man eats that many cookies out of ziplock baggies.  -1
  • Brittany is going to be a peanut allergy for Halloween.  +1
  • Mr. Shue already assumed Artie would play Dr. Scott because he's in a wheelchair.  +2 because he probably just made Artie feel really bad about himself but doesn't care - very diva of him.
  • +1 because Finn didn't get Inception.  
  • Sue's Corner is back!  +2  According to Sue, without fear children will try frenching grizzly bears and consider living in Florida.  Plus another +1 because Florida is just as heinous a place as Sue insinuates.
  • Barry Bostwick and Meatloaf!  It wouldn't be Rocky Horror without them so +1.  However, -2 for not giving them anything to sing.  John Stamos' Hot Patootie was cute (he's come a long way since Jesse and the Rippers), but the Meat's original version was much more Rock and Roll. 
  • +2 for the local news guys being most scared of Mexicans overrunning the town.  That probably would be an Ohioian's biggest fear.
  • Overall song review: +1 They did a great job performing the songs (especially Finn in "Damnit Janet", Kurt and Quinn in "Time Warp", and Mercedes' re-invention of "Sweet Transvestite"), but for some reason I just wasn't blown away.  Perhaps it was because very little plot was advanced this episode and it seemed like they did it just so they could say they did a Rocky Horror episode.
  • Why does Artie only use 2 lb weights?  -1 because his legs may not work, but that doesn't mean his arms have the strength of 7 year old girl.
  • Why is it ok for half the cast of Rocky Horror to be teachers and people who don't even work at the school?  -2 
Total --> 5.This episode is the diva equivalent of Mandy Moore.  Back when she was singing "Candy" and trying to be all diva but was eclipsed by the other up-and-coming stars of the time.

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