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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy at Hecho

After Blood Manor, I headed to the East Village to celebrate Matt's 26th birthday.  When it comes to your best friend, missing a birthday is simply unacceptable; so although I would be late due to the previously mentioned haunted house and bar activities, I knew this was something I couldn't skip out on.  I was right but not just because it was important to be there for the b-day celebration.  It was necessary I go to dinner so I wouldn't miss a great restaurant and the opportunity to tell y'all about it.

Hecho en Dumbo is sort of a misnomer because the restaurant is no longer in Dumbo and now resides at 4th and Bowery.  I had heard nothing but good things, so I commended Matt on his choice.  The menu is not overwhelmingly large, yet it was still difficult to make a decision because everything looked so good.  Thankfully I had consulted the menu online while at work, so my mind was already working on a decision.  We ordered a few apps for the table.  All were good.  Please don't make me choose a favorite:
  • Picaditas de Jaiba: corn cakes topped with crab, avocado, and jalapeno oil
  • Tostadas de Ceviche: Halibut ceviche on crispy corn tortilas 
  • Queso Fundido de Huitlacoche: served with tortillas 
For my entree I went with Mole Coloradito de Pato (duck in mole sauce).  The duck was cooked to a perfect medium rare with a nice crust and I was happy to find tortillas on the side for mopping up the extra sauce.  I also really enjoyed the risotto I found under the duck.  It was filled with duck confit and squash and reminded me that we are officially on the Fall season.

After experiencing it for myself, I am happy Hecho en Dumbo decided to migrate to the better borough.  Now that it's easy to get to, I need to make another trip to try the lunch menu that Matt claims is different but equally awesome.

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