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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Blood and Beer

Halloween is probably my favorite holiday.  I always get into the costumes and parties, but this year is markedly lamer than others.  Everyone is going out of town and there are no big celebrations to speak of, but that doesn't mean I'll throw all celebrating out the window.

On Thursday, Emily, Wendy, and I went to Blood Manor, the city's main haunted house.  Now, I don't watch horror movies and I am easily startled, which means I love Halloween minus the fear factor.  I was terrified to go through a haunted house, but I pulled it together so I could say I did it (albeit by gripping Wendy's arm the whole way).

This haunted house is serious.  At one point, we were handed 3D glasses - for just one of the many themed rooms.  By the end, I realized it was more fun than scary and a definite must for Halloween.  If you're smart, not only will you visit Blood Manor next year, you'll go grab a drink at nearby Half King, my go-to bar if I'm ever all the way over on the West side.

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