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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Wine Week Win

Wine Week.  Wow.  When I was told this was a shit show, I shrugged and said "whatever".  Now that I have experienced it for myself, I can tell you that it is absolutely nuts.  First of all, I can't think of any better way to spend my Friday than by leaving work early to enjoy steak and barrels of wine at Smith and Wollensky's.  I know most people love Smith and Wollensky's, but - although delicious - it's not my favorite steak (usually overcooked) and creamed spinach in the city.  The atmosphere, particularly during Wine Week, is an entirely different story.  This event does wonders for the restaurant's reputation in my book.

While downing my first few glasses of wine, I munched on fried zucchini and onion rings and a very good caesar salad.  Thankfully, I got some food in my system early on because the next thing you know, I've had six glasses of wine, two Jack and Diets, and something called a Fandango.

Anne Marie described the Fandango as "a punch in the face".  To me, it just tasted like a delicious coffee drink.  Apparently, that delicious coffee drink had around 6 liqueurs in it, cost $80, and resulted in madness.  They mistakenly placed our table right by a gong, which (after downing a couple of these suckers) was struck many many times over the course of lunch.  Next think you know, our maitre d' is singing.

After a loooong lunch, we headed to the bar area to mingle with the rest of the now sloshed Midtown workers who decided to cut out early and celebrate Wine Week.  I think I'll have to train before next year's event because by 9:45 PM, I was well into my REM sleep.

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