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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Gleecap: Diva-meter - 10/12 Episode

So much going on this episode that I'm not quite sure where to begin.  Too many emotions - confusion (girl on girl), love (duet choices were fab), annoyance (Kurt really doesn't understand no means no) - still trying to sort through, so I'm going straight to the Diva-meter:
  • I don't get it?  Why did they write off Puck for an episode?  Don't they realize staring at him is one of the biggest reasons I watch this show.  The new guy is cute, but Puck is...Puck.  -4
  • We should play a drinking game for how many times they said Breadstix this episode.  +1 to me for coming up with this idea but -1 for not thinking of it while I was actually watching the show.  
  • Lesbian action?  No plus or minus points here because I'm still not sure about how I feel about this scene.  I do, however, always love hearing Santana calling Mercedes Weezy so +1 to her.
  • In the end, Rachel reaches out to Kurt which means she does something for someone else without any ulterior motive, even if it wasn't the thing she originally had in mind.  +1
  • This episode was all about Other Asian, which earns it a +2
  • Brittany wants to get Artie in a stroller: +1 because that broke new ground in the fetish category
  • First Asian camp, now Asian couples therapy: +1
  • Kurt: "I thought you said no one pushes the gays around?!" +1 because this could be the new "Nobody puts baby in a corner"
  • Kurt's little jump on the piano when introducing his Victor/Victoria number was almost as good as his performance: +1
  • The whole Santana adding an "s" to the end of words was cute when first introduced the Britney episode but is now old.  -2 because we get you're the ghetto one, stop forcing it down our throats.

Total --> 6: This week's diva equivalent is Elton John.  Always a little wacky, but there's so much heart underneath all his songs and this super sweet, "aww" inducing episode was all about putting the heart back into the New Directions crew.

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