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Sunday, October 10, 2010


What a great Sunday.  The weather was perfect.  Just cool and breezy enough for boots but warm enough for a light top - no jacket required.  After lazying around in bed, I got up, picked up a copy of the Sunday Times and went to my favorite local coffee house, Orchard House for a cup of java.  If you live in the lower 60s/upper 50s and like coffee, this is a great spot.  Plenty of tables, good music, and neighborhood folk who also find it to be a great place to read a book or do work.  Oh, and the coffee is really good, too.

From there, I headed to the subway to meet some work buds for brunch at Brother Jimmy's.  On my way, I made a nice discovery: Financier Patisserie is opening a branch right next to the subway and perilously close to my apartment.  It will be so nice dangerous finally having a bakery in the neighborhood.

After a delicious BLT made with fried green tomatoes, a side of collards, and a bloody mary, I made my way to Matt and Jen's.  Usually, this wouldn't be a big deal.  Since I was leaving from Union Square, their Williamsburg apartment should just be a hop, skip, and jump away.  Unfortunately, the MTA thinks it's ok to shut down the L train for the entire weekend essentially marooning all Williamsburgians.  Did you know the MTA spent all this money to change all train station signage displaying the train lines F M L (in that order) because they realized people would make the connection to the now infamous website?  Maybe they could have saved that money and when construction was needed, there would have been alternate routes to get to Brooklyn from Manhattan.  Once I couldn't take the L train, FML took on a whole new meaning.

It took just over an hour to get there, but the meal that awaited me made it worth it.  Matt made white chicken chili with broth from scratch.  It was delicious.  What goes better with soup than sandwiches?  Nothing, so as a side dish we ate ooey gooey grilled cheese made with white cheddar, gruyere (or maybe gouda...I can't remember much other than the fact that it was buttery, crispy, comforting, and the 2nd cheese started with a "g"), and tomato.  It was such a satisfying fall meal, and I must give Matt major props for being a stand-up hubby.  The boy can cook and then even cleaned the kitchen.  I need to find one of them.  I didn't think boys like that existed.  Either he's truly a great guy or Jen has some serious dirt on him that merits blackmail.  I've known Matt for about 8 I'm gonna go with the blackmail theory.  For dessert, we took turns dipping our spoons into a pint of white peach and ginger Ciao Bella sorbet.  By the time I left, Lola the crazy puggle even decided to calm down slightly.

The best part of this Sunday?  It's like a Saturday because my office is closed tomorrow for Columbus Day!

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