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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Unanswered Questions: Gossip Girl Recap - 10/11/10 Episode

Phew!  We finally have confirmation that Jenny will return via the preview for next week's episode.  That's one major question answered.  But there's no point thinking about next week when we have so much to discuss this week:

  • What professor texts his students?  Serena may have scheduled a meeting with him, but why does a Freshman teacher have the cell phone number of student he's never met?
  • Is Serena's cab cutie always at the St Regis?  I mean, I know he told her they made a good red snapper (?), but what are the odds that they both just show up at the same time when they had made no plans to meet?
  • I know Serena is supposed to dress all sexy and stuff, but the top of her dress at the Hamilton House event was pulled so tight that there were gaping holes around her boobies.  Wouldn't you have picked something slightly more demure when trying to have a serious meeting with your professor?
  • Speaking of the Hamilton House event...I thought that was supposed to be a super exclusive club with their keys and everything.  Why does it seem like every person who has ever walked the streets of New York shows up at this party?
  • Does Juliet own anything that's not beige or gray?  Seriously, her wardrobe is getting tired.
  • Prisoners don't have such easy access to phones and definitely not cell phones that would enable texting.  How is this creepy guy always in touch with Juliet?
And I think that wraps up the biggies for this week!

1 comment:

  1. I was waiting on your first and third question. Even now, I'm still shocked by the fact that Serena wore that to the event.



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