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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Gleecap: Diva-meter - 9/28 Episode

And the episode we've all been waiting for finally came and went this week.  Glee went all Britney on us.  There has been a ton of buzz surrounding this episode, so let's just dive right into the Diva-meter:
  • Overall, the Glee kids did a phenomenal job with Brit's music.  Heather Morris (aka: The Better Brittany): wow.  +5 for your skills - you're a diva all the way.  -1 because I'm not sure if you were actually singing.  If she's had those pipes all along, why would the writers not exploit them?  
  • "Toxic" in particular was great.  They changed it up just enough to make it their own: +2.  However, I was a little creeped out by the loser kids screaming sexual phrases at their teacher: -1
  • A Sue Sylvester dig that referenced Blossom.  +3 and please bring on more vest jokes.
  • Emma said Will looked like a cast member from Kids Incorporated.  +1 because I loved that show.
  • Best line from the episode: [Santana] "My dad's a doctor and a real one, not a 'tooth doctor'" +3
  • Although I'm glad they channeled Britney this week, my biggest complaint of this show always comes up when it seems the writers are no longer writing the show and then choosing songs that work but are instead force fitting a song.  None of the Britney songs had anything to do with the storyline -4.  The one exception was "Stronger"; however, this gets another -4 because it was a fantasy.  Artie didn't have to be in a wheelchair.  Furthermore, while it's nice they want to show how all outcasts can fit in, it's just too much of a stretch to have a kid in a wheelchair playing high school football.  Sorry.
  • Artie calls Tina and Other Asians blossoming relationship "Asian Fusion". +2
  • I'm about to embarrass myself, but did anyone else notice that one of the dancers in "Baby...One More Time" was Rachele Brooke Smith, star of Center Stage straight to TV sequel Center Stage: Turn It Up as well as the 97th Bring It On sequel.  +1 to me because I'm impressed I caught that.
Total: 7 -->  That makes this week's episode the Diva equivalent of, well, Britney Spears.  It's Britney, bitch.

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