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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Trompe l'Oeuil

You think that's mashed potatoes in the picture, don't you?  Sorry, Charlie, no dice.  Your eyes deceive you because under the herb marinated salmon you see is a creamy pile of pureed cauliflower.  The consistency is much like good, fresh mashed potatoes but a little lighter so you feel like you're being healthier.  It's a vegetable, but if you prepare it like I did, it's probably not much better for you.

I boiled the cauliflower til soft, mashed with a potato masher, mixed in a little cream and fresh parmesan, and pureed with an immersion blender.  So maybe the cream and parmesan erased all the benefits I added by switching the main ingredient from starch to veggie, but I don't even think it needed the cream so I'll leave that out next time and bingo bango - we're back to healthy.  The parmesan, on the other hand, that stays in - don't even think about taking that out if (when) you make this at home.

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