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Sunday, June 12, 2011

I Heart Three Tarts

I don't usually go crazy over sugary stuff and my sweet tooth is discerning - I don't like just anything, but I usually like a little something sweet to finish off a meal.  As I was leaving brunch yesterday, I walked by Three Tarts, a combo dessert and gift shop in Chelsea.  Truthfully, it wasn't the sweets that drew me in, it was the adorable mugs and serving pieces.  Once inside, however, the desserts looked too good to pass up.

They bake everything in their small kitchen on-site and offer tins of most of their goodies to give as gifts.  Everything looked so dainty, and since I only like a little something when it comes to desserts, dainty really appeals to me.  I decided to go with a mini goat cheese panna cotta with blood orange gelee.  This creamy and tart little sparkler was the perfect size to satisfy my sweet tooth.  I may need to find people in need of gifts just so I have an excuse to stop in here again for myself.  

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