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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Gleecap: Diva-meter - 5/24/11 Episode

I'm so sad there's no more Glee for the season but before we start crying, let's get into the Diva-meter of the season finale:

  • Rachel knows everything there is to know about Broadway - there's no way she would buy Cats tickets. -1
  • Quinn takes quite the whack at Rachel during the pillow fight +1
  • Finn and Rachel's date takes them from Central Park to Midtown West to the West Village.  That's barely do-able if given all day.  -1
  • Quinn flips out and it's awesome - nice acting chops.  She's most concerned that she's the popular girls but sadly even Zises hooks up and she's alone.  +1
  • Song Recap: 
    • The main two non-original songs of the episode ("I Love New York" and "For Good") fit perfectly. +2
    • The original songs also worked (I'm lumping the Matthew Morrison song in this category although technically it was a plug for his new album). +2
    • Um Vocal Adrenaline is not supposed to do an original song; that's New Directions' thing.  -1
  • Finn seems a bit over-confident about his kissing abilities.  -1
  • Santana goes on a Spanish rant!  +2
  • At the end of the previous episode, Quinn cryptically insinuated that she had big plans for New York.  I thought there was going to be some major glee club sabotage going down but all she did was cut her hair.  -1
  • +1 for all the cute couple-ness: Blaine gazing at Kurt with his chin in his hand, Kurt and Rachel bonding over New York, Mercedes and Sam's budding courtship, Santana and Brittany's peaceful come-to-terms moment, and finally, Rachel finally realizing that it's stupid not to date when she doesn't graduate for another year.
  • I would totally see a "Pip Pip Hooray": a Broadway Musical about Pippa Middleton.  +1
Total: 5 --> Though totally absent of great Sue Sylvester lines (thankfully she satisfied us in the previous episode), this episode was still a very pleasant way to bring the season together and set us up for Season 3.  Though it's not looking good for Jesse St. James - the biggest diva of them all - the glee kids diva'd it out all over NYC.  I'm going with Elton John for this episode's diva counterpart.  He does the ballads and the poppy stuff and you always feel good and calm after listening.

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