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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Re-creation Station

Now that I know how to poach eggs, I decided to re-create a dish I had at a restaurant, with my own little twist of course.  Though unplanned, it worked out nicely that the meal I decided to make ahead of time was quick and easy because I ended up staying late at work on Thursday and was ready to eat right when I got home.

I spread the leftover prosciutto from Monday's picnic on a plate, topped with roasted asparagus, carefully placed two poached eggs on top, and drizzled with truffle oil.  The meal took 15-20 minutes to make (the amount of time to roast the asparagus) - that's it.  I'm going to brag for a moment here.  This tasted like a restaurant dish.  Salty from the prosciutto, creamy from the egg yolk, and sturdy from asparagus.  The truffle oil didn't hurt, either.  (When does it ever?)  If I'm able to keep re-creating restaurant meals at home that taste as good as this one, I may never leave the apartment again.

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