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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Tipsy Tastes

Carlen's week in New York was coming to an end, but I got in one more meal with her before she left town.  This was one brunch I wasn't going to miss.  Carlen's boyfriend had joined her for the last three nights and I had to give my stamp of approval.  After he picked a good restaurant, he passed my boyfriend test.  

Jeff (the boyfriend) is friends with the chef at Tipsy Parson who helped us navigate the Southern-inspired menu.  The farmhouse decor, view of the greenery outdoors, and Stumptown coffee made this restaurant the perfect place to wake up and start the day.  When we sat down, the chef brought out fresh warm doughnuts, chocolate chip muffin, and cheesy cornbread.  Everything was good, but I probably should have taken it slower because I didn't have as much room leftover for the main event.  Jeff ordered pulled pork spoonbread with eggs and corn souffle, Carlen ordered shrimp and grits, and I got the mushroom toast.  Mine may not sound as exciting, but it was fabulous.  Thick-cut grilled potato bread, topped with a mound of fluffy herbed ricotta, wild mushrooms, and scrambled eggs.  I was disappointed in myself that I couldn't eat it all, but the portions were huge.  That may also be because they brought out a plate of thick-cut bacon halfway through the meal.  Usually I'm not a fan of the thick bacon because it seems people don't cook it as long as I think they should, but this was nice and extra crispy.

Usually I like to go back to a restaurant so I can try the rest of the menu.  In the case of Tipsy Parson, I want to go back just so I can have the mushroom toast again.  Tipsy Parson may have the vibe of a neighborhood spot, but this UES girl will travel to Chelsea zip code for some of their comfort food.  

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