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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Polo Party

How I managed to actually wake up after partying all night, shower, get dressed, and make it to the Governor's Island ferry I will never know, but I did.  I did not remember to set an alarm and when my phone rang at 10:23 AM and I heard Emily's voice on the other end, I debated going back to sleep.  Something inside told me I needed to rally, so i jumped in the shower, threw on a sundress, and made a quick stop at H&M to pick up a fascinator.  For those who were not as engrossed in the royal wedding as I was, a fascinator is a type of hat that's all the rage.  Basically, there was a giant flower coming out of the side of my head.  I rocked the look.

We arrived at Governor's Island, set up our picnic, and commenced our people watching.  Everyone was dressed to the nines in their finest, seersucker, bowties, summer dresses, and wedges.  We must have picked a good spot, because socialite Olivia Palermo was right next to us.  We were surrounded by the most beautiful people I have ever seen and believe it or not, being part of this fancy shmancy affair was completely free.  Neither the ferry ride nor the ferry ride nor entry cost a cent.  There were several food vendors that were cheap (my turkey, gouda, jalapeno mayo sandwich was too big to finish and only $9), but I recommend bringing your own picnic so you don't have to worry about standing in line for food.  The champagne, was pricey ($85+ per bottle or $17+ per glass) so I recommend bringing your own drinks as well (technically not allowed but totally done as long as you don't bring it in the bottle).

Better than the sheer fabulousness of the event was the fact that I finally found where all the Southern and/or preppy boys have been hiding.  I was in heaven!  Finally, boys who know how to dress.  Now I just need to figure out where these boys are the other 364 days of the year.  I'll be back next year to lounge with the beautiful people and maybe land a bowtied boyfriend.
Stomping the divots - just like Pretty Woman

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