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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Hell Yea to Hill Country

In addition to getting Memorial Day off work, I also had the Friday before as a free day, so I decided to get all my errands done before leaving Saturday morning for Heather and Jason's wedding (more on that later).  Of course it wasn't all boring errands (it never is with me) - I had to sneak in a restaurant from my list.  I think Hill Country BBQ is fine but not totally my bag.  It's Texas-style bar-b-que, which is very different from BBQ from the Southeast.  BBQ just isn't BBQ if pulled pork isn't involved, and unfortunately, Hill Country is all about brisket.

Hill Country Chicken, on the other hand, is more my speed.  Fried chicken is something I can definitely get behind and their menu and the line outside had me thinking they knew what they were doing.  I was going to get a fried chicken meal until I saw a fried pimento cheese sandwich on the menu.  What?!  We all know how much I love pimento cheese sandwiches so there was no way I was missing out on this.  It was nice and gooey, but I have to say, there is still something nostalgic and near-perfect about a plain, unadulterated pimento cheese sandwich.  Next time, I'll probably just stick with the fried chicken because I also had a small piece of that and loved it.  It was not of the extra-crispy variety but it had all sorts of spices and us Southerners do not shy away from spice.  It went perfectly with the blistered corn salad I got as a side dish.  Don't worry, there are plenty of unhealthy sides to choose from, but you shouldn't dismiss this salad just because it's not deep fried or creamy.  I am way more of a pie person (vs. cake) and the pie selection looked too good to be true.  For only about $3 I could get a mini pie but I had a tough time choosing just one.  I settled on the blackberry peach and it was amazing.  I'll be back to try the other flavors.  

The best part of my meal was washing it down with a nice, homemade lemonade that came with - brace yourself - free refills.  Unless you're drinking tap water, don't count on getting free refills in Europe or New York City.  More than the fried chicken, the free refills brought me right back home to the South.  Hill Country Chicken, take note: this free refill policy will keep me coming back again and again so never get rid of it.

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