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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Lowcountry Love

Today is my birthday!  Since today is Tuesday, I knew I wouldn't be partying day-of so the birthday celebration began on Saturday.  A few of us gathered before the party for dinner at Lowcountry because it seemed only fitting for a girl from the Lowcountry to eat at Lowcountry.  The menu included all of my Coastal Southern favorites and I had to try all of it to see how it compared to home.  The verdict: this restaurant does a great job of classing up my favorite Southern dishes.
  • Appetizers:
    • Fried pickles with green goddess dipping sauce
    • Fried green tomatoes with remoulade sauce
    • Crab Dip
    • Softshell crab special with black eyed pea salsa
  • Main Courses (everyone ended up trying everyone elses):
    • Shrimp and Grits with cheesy grits, andouille sausage, and spicy tomato sauce
    • Fried chicken biscuit with gravy
    • [Flintstone-sized] bourbon cider glazed pork chop served with peas and mashed potatoes and honestly some of the best collards I've ever had.
  • Desserts:
    • Banana bread pudding - this is not just bread pudding made with bananas; it's bread pudding made with banana bread
    • Pecan Pie Sundae with salted caramel sauce - a messier version of my Mommy's famous dessert.  I may have to make my mom add salted caramel sauce from now on. 
Sorry for not describing every single dish, but my description would have been "great" and "delicious" for everything so I'll just tell you it was all good and that you should go.  If Southern food isn't your thing (and why wouldn't it be), you should go for the $6 PBR + shot of bourbon deal.  That's a happy hour level deal all day long.  On top of that, the wait staff is a plaid-wearing, jovial group that made the meal that much more enjoyable.

This Southern gal was extremely pleased with her birthday dinner choice.  It's cheesey, but the food was wonderful and the company was even better.  I definitely felt special.  Though my choice for the birthday party bar turned out to be not so great (too packed), the relocation to the downtown Galway Hooker worked out perfectly.  I may be sick of the Midtown location of this bar, but this West Village outpost was perfect for a party.  And party we did.

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