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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Mediterraneo Meal

I can't believe I forgot about Mediterraneo.  The food is simple but well prepared and the atmosphere - when you can sit outside in the European-type cafe space - is a joy.  Since my parents weren't flying out til late on Monday night, we were actually able to stuff three full meals into our schedule.  The final meal of the trip had to be Italian.  After all, first I denied my father Little Italy in favor of Chinatown and then on Monday afternoon, while picking up some groceries at Eataly, I witnessed the following exchange at the pasta counter:
  • Random Woman: ...and half a pound of the squid ink fettuccine
  • Daddy: [leaning over me] ooo yea.  
  • RW: Excuse me?
  • Daddy: [licking lips] That's the bomb right there. 
Forget the fact that my father still uses the phrase "the bomb", he was clearly jonesing for some quality Italian food and I knew I had to make it right.  They had to head to the airport at 7:30 and we wouldn't be hungry til around 6:30.  Since the dinner window was pretty small, I racked my brain for good Italian within walking distance.  Oh yes!  Mediterraneo!  We made sure to get a table where we could watch people strolling the Upper East while we nibbled on Italian fare.  I got a goat cheese and eggplant pizza prepared just how I like it - extra thin crust and very light sauce.  My Daddy got the squid ink pasta arabiata with shrimp (he couldn't get squid ink off the brain) that had a nice al dente bite and my Mommy had a caprese salad.  If I'm not mistaken, I heard my father call the meal "authentic". 

Would I tell you to travel from Tribeca for Mediterraneo?  Probably not, because you hopefully have your own neighborhood eatery that will hold up.  However, if you happen to be in my [far superior] Upper East neighborhood and craving Italian, remember this place.  It was the perfect last meal with my parents, but hopefully it won't be my last meal at Mediterraneo.

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