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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Gleecap: Diva-meter - 5/17/11 Episode

Since I have not one but two episodes to recap, I'll get to the point:

  • Though harsh, Jesse St. James pointed out what everyone's been thinking: why does Finn get all the big solos/duets when he's clearly not the best singer. +1
  • Howard Bamboo is back! +1 because I've missed him.  Another +1 for his nickname Panda Express.
  • Rachel Berry gold star along with a monologue about how she now has bangs: +1
  • And now we get to the more serious part of the episode: Sue's Downs Syndrome inflicted sister passes away.  Between Kurt and Finn coming together as brothers to put together the funeral service to Sue's experience through the stages of grief, it was very poignant.  I cried.  A lot.  +2  I'm also giving it an additional +1 for slipping in jokes and making it work: "I'm allergic to pansies, and I don't mean that as a swipe at either of you" and "I wouldn't dare lean on you.  There's so much grease in your hair I'd probably slide right off."
  • Overall, I'm giving song choice in this episode a -3.  I'm not a fan of the straight audition songs.  When songs are incorporated into the episode this way, they don't really allow for the music to further the plot.  Great, you've all got awesome voices but those songs meant nothing in their context.  The only reason I didn't further deduct points was because Rachel's audition piece and the Willy Wonka song sort of worked.
Total: 3 --> So maybe it wasn't the best episode (though Jesse St. James brough.t a whole lot of diva to the table with his stories of Vocal Adrenaline's Nationals prep and his brother's whip it addiction).  I'm thinking this episode is the diva equivalent of Chris Brown.  Right now - as with the time following the Rhianna incident - you're not so thrilled with it.  It kind of bothered you.  BUT you can tell that it can redeem itself.  After all, didn't Chris Brown just rock out a top 10 single?

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