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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Movie Review: Midnight in Paris

I admit, I have not seen as many Woody Allen films as I would like, but I am told "Midnight in Paris" is quintessentially him.  Woody or not, I loved it.  It was wistful and romantic but not in a romance movie sort of way.  The love was less for people, more for a city and a lifestyle - which I think is the one true love.  Maybe I just haven't found "it" yet, but I have never felt for a person what I have for a city.  A hot guy may make me perspire a bit, but New York and Paris (and even my lowcountry home) have made me weak in the knees. 

Woody Allen captures the electromagnetic force that has made these cities not just a home but a part of me.  I find a kindred spirit in Owen Wilson's character and an enemy in Rachel McAdams' (though she and the other supporting characters play their roles with a simple elegance).  Sometimes, I, too, yearn for another time and/or place and this movie made the act of yearning (as much as the time and place yearned for) beautiful.

Oh and there is a ridiculous cast.  Famous people galote.

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