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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Passover Play-by-Play: Day 8

I think the reason it took me so long to recap my final day of Passover is because the second it was over, I was ready to forget about it.  I have already forgotten what I had for lunch that day, but I'm betting it was something along the salad line.  Dinner, however, I can not forget.

It is Konter tradition to break Passover with pizza.  It is the easiest way to break all the rules in one bite.  You finally get to eat bread with the crust, mix milk and meat together, and it pork with the pepperoni.  This year, I found myself without a buddy to break bread with, so I went to the gym and brought pizza back to my apartment.  Since I was all alone, I decided to up the ante.  I didn't just go to the pizza joint around the corner, I went to Tiella for the namesake appetizer cast-iron pan pizza-esque creations.  Normal toppings just wouldn't do, so I got one with mussels and buffalo mozzarella and another with stracciatella, prosciutto, and black truffle.  The seafood one was good, but the black truffle was pungently delicious.  It was better than my usual post-Passover pizza.  For dessert, I cooked up mango sticky rice from Trader Joe's.  It's pretty ridiculous that this treat came from a frozen box.

I am so happy I don't have to think about this holiday for another year.  It was tough, but I'm glad I stuck with it.  As expected, I was able to get creative with my cooking; but most importantly, it was a test of tenacity that I passed.

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