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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Tacos at Tehuitzingo

Everyone loves a good secret and Tehuitzingo is one of the best.  At first glance, Tehuitzingo is nothing more than a bodega on 10th Avenue stocking Mexican grocery items, but if you walk to the back, there is suddenly a rocking restaurant that has managed to squeeze in everything but a mariachi band into about 30 square feet.  

When someone prefaces a restaurant recommendation with "this place is pretty sketchy but...," it does not inspire confidence in the food.  On our way over to the "restaurant"we formed our Plan B for lunch in case we were just too scared of the food that came out of this place.  When we got inside, it seemed harmless enough and the mix of Mexican and banker clientele seemed to indicate that the food had proven itself.     

There are plenty of different tacos to choose from, but we went with beef and chicken and then poured on all of the different hot sauces available and pickled peppers and carrots.  The flavor of the meat was great, especially the chicken, and the corn tortillas were moist.  Three tacos did the trick for me (and at only $2.50 per taco, it's a relatively cheap lunch.  Every item in this bodega is authentic Mexican, even in the non-restaurant, grocery section, so we each tried a different Mexican drink (I went with guava juice mmm).  We decided the only thing the tacos needed would be a little sour cream.  Maybe "needed" isn't the right word because they were seriously good already, but it would have been nice.  

This place is legit.  Next time someone tells me about a sketchy place, I'm just gonna go for it, no questions asked.  I debated not telling y'all about it because I wanted to keep it a secret, but I figured you deserved to know.  Now if you don't take advantage of this knowledge, I'll be very disappointed.

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