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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Hella Tiella

I am SO happy to report that there is a nice new restaurant on my corner.  Tiella opened in July, and I have been waiting for the right moment to check it out.  A dinner with my parents and Aunt and Uncle seemed like the perfect time, so we made that our Friday evening activity.  I have been thinking about this restaurant for a while and have poured over the menu.  Clearly, I am not the only one because this tiny wonder has become quite the UES secret.

We started by ordering the spinach flan with gorgonzola sauce (rich sauce, but that's what makes it good) and the salmon carpaccio with orange and fennel.  The carpaccio was incredible.  The citrus flavor was lively and perfect for the unseasonably warm weather we had this weekend.  For the main course, I chose the Nera pasta (black ink cuttle fish fettucini with scallops and mushrooms) and could not believe how fresh and light the pasta was.  I did not try anybody else's entree, but I think that is because they all looked so good that I wanted an excuse so go back and order it for myself.  Daddy could not leave without dessert, so we ordered the baba rhum (sponge cake soaked in rum) and it was heavy on the rum and better than most I've tried.

Tiella is a great addition to the E. 60s and although it's nice, it still has that neighborhood feel.  If you feel so inclined to check it out, stop by my apt first and I may treat you to a pre-dinner cocktail.

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