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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Unanswered Questions: Gossip Girl Recap - 5/2/11 Episode

Because I lapped up every moment of the royal wedding, I was happy to extend my royal dream as far as possible with this week's GG episode.  As unlikely it may be that a real prince is bouncing around the UES with a 20 year old and giving her a honking ring, there are other questions we need to tackle:

  • When Serena walks in on Blair and Louis, she says it's 2:00 so she started her day hours ago.  Why does she say this like it's a given?  Serena does absolutely nothing all day.  She doesn't go to class (unless she's hot for teacher) so I'm pretty sure she doesn't usually get out of bed until it's time to get dressed for whatever party is going down at the end of the respective episode.
  • Nate makes the distinction between a smoking jacket and robe to Chuck...aren't those basically the same thing?
  • Why did Blair choose that kinky hairstyle when she goes to meet Louis' royal parents?  Not her best and will definitely not impress the Grimaldis.
  • Why is Blair still wearing her heels long after leaving the party?  After being shamed in front of royalty, I would have at least put on fuzzy slippers.
  • Is Serena's gossip radar down?  The Serena who attended Constance would have already realized Charlie's life is the one that needs ruining, not Blair's.  
  • Why is Raina so mad at Chuck?  She seems to be overreacting a bit and her anger is way misdirected.  
  • Why did Charlie think it was ok to swipe Lily's credit card and charge thousands of dollars on Per Se caviar, catering, and crystal?  More importantly, after realizing how much [of somebody else's money] Charlie just spent, how could Rufus just waste that amazing , top-rated Zagat food and take the band out to a restaurant?

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