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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Sandwich Heaven

I have written about No. 7 Subs before.  Usually, I don't repeat restaurant reviews, but No. 7 deserves it.  In my opinion, No. 7 Subs should be in charge of making all sandwiches in the world from here on out.  Everything they make is amazing and as long as they keep changing the menu to keep up with the seasons, I'll keep spreading the gospel.

Yesterday seemed like a good park day so I packed a blanket and headed to Central Park.  No. 7 Subs is not on the way, but it's good enough that I don't mind taking the subway a few stops in the opposite direction.  I couldn't decide which sandwich to get so I gave the cashier my top three options and he told me to go with the asparagus.  Of the three, this seemed like it was the least exciting/funky sandwich but I was anxious to get to the park so I went with the recommendation without giving it a second thought.

When I got to the park, I realized I needed some extra reading material so I stopped by The Strand to pick up some books.  Though I do love the actual storefront and all 18 miles of books that can be found there, the tables they set up at the bottom of the park were much more convenient.  I picked up four books at 1/2 price (which made me feel better about not going to Barnes & Noble, where I am a member) and a tote.  I have seen people walking around with these totes that sport their iconic logo for four years, so now I feel like a true New Yorker.

I found a great spot in the park that was only mildly tainted by the trashy parents lounging next to me who kept yelling at their kids.  Once settled, I opened up my sandwich and hunkered down.  Inside the crispy french bread was asparagus, granny smith apple, cashews, cilantro, and mayo.  If all meat-free food tasted this good, I would become a vegetarian.  The roasted asparagus was sturdy enough to take the place of the meat and the tart apples brought the sandwich into funville.  Amazing.

A fantastic sandwich, a stack of books, perfect weather, and the beauty of Central Park - THK's perfect Saturday.

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