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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Gleecap: Diva-meter - 5/10/11 Episode

I wish my prom was as good as Glee prom.  At 25, I am jealous of a fake high school prom.  Lame?  Moving on to the recap…

  •          +1 to Blaine and Mr. Hummel for being upfront and realistic with Kurt while discussing his prom outfit.  I respect that Kurt is now out and proud, but it does seem like he’s trying to create unnecessary dramz.
  •         Instead of jumping at the opportunity to work the prom, Will says the glee club needs to prep for Nationals – they still have a ton of taffy to sell.  -1 because he still hasn’t realized that selling taffy will never earn enough money to cover 12 kids’ travel and accommodations.
  •         Sue tells Will he should apologize to America for “Run Joey Run” +1+1 again for Rachel requesting to sing it at Prom.      
  • I’ve said it plenty of times in these recaps, but the worst episodes are the ones with forced themes.  +1 for having Sam echo our sentiments when he sees Will scroll “prom” on the board and fears for an assignment of prom-themed songs.
  •         Kurt asks Blaine to prom by addressing him as Blaine Warbler, like Warbler is his last name.  +1
  •       Karofsky on Bully Whip patrol: “No burning Liberace mannequins, over.” +1 for that and his touching apology to Kurt/tortured soul
  •        Santana plans to move to a lesbian colony or Tribeca when they get to New York.  Tribeca?  -1 because she would definitely move to Chelsea or Hell’s Kitchen, duh.   
  •         +2 for songs.  All were good and fitting.  Bravo. 

Total: 6 --> This episode was the diva equivalent of Barbara Streisand because she epitomizes the sad underdog.  Between the Carrie-esque prom queen scene with Kurt, Karofsky's tearful apology, and all the lovelorn folks of this episode, there was a lot of sad in this episode.  Only Barbara (and Glee) can make those tragic underdogs so endearing.   

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