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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Poco Party

Last weekend I celebrated Lindsay's birthday with a boozy brunch at Poco in the East Village.  For $25, you get your choice of entree + three drinks.  Since I had gone out pretty hard both Friday and Saturday nights, I decided to go with just the entree.  That was probably a bad idea because I probably would have enjoyed the food a little more if I had a drink.

Don't get me wrong; the food was good...but it wasn't great.  I ordered the salmon blt that came with apple instead of the avocado advertised on the menu and needed a little extra sauce.  I did, however, like the plantain chips on the side.  It was a fine sandwich, but not worth the $15 I paid.

I have been looking to try Poco for a long time, so even though it did not live up to my expectation, I'm glad I could cross it off my list and - most importantly - share a fun brunch with friends.  Then again, maybe my expectations were unrealistic because everyone I have talked to is shocked I didn't leave the restaurant absolutely obsessed.  What do I know.

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